Electron is flash for the desktop

slack isn’t a native app. At least – not a normal native app. Its built on top of electron, so when you download slack you’re actually downloading a complete copy of Google Chrome.

.. And chrome is a hog. Its huge and complicated. It uses ram and CPU like nobody’s business, and it totally thrashes your battery life.

.. By lines of code, chrome is about the same size as the linux kernel. Like the linux kernel it has APIs for all sorts of hardware, including opengl, VR, MIDI. It has an embedded copy of SQLite, memory management and its own task manager.

.. Does slack contain my code to use xbox controllers? Does the slack team know?

.. The other electron apps I have on my computer are Spotify (200 megs) and Atom (260 megs).

..  Developers don’t let friends write electron apps. If you want to use JS and react to make a native app, try react native instead. Its like electron, but you don’t need to distribute a copy of chrome to all your users

.. Facebook has been internally intentionally slowing down their office internet once a week to help build empathy with their users in other 3rd world internet speed countries (coughAustraliacough).