Texas Election Audit That Trump Demanded Didn’t Find Any Voter Fraud

Even though he easily won the state of Texas in the 2020 election, Donald Trump still pushed Republican officials in the state to conduct an election audit. They obliged, and over the holiday weekend they released the findings of “phase 1” of their investigation. To no one’s surprise, the findings weren’t there, and there was no widespread voter fraud that could have impacted the results of the election. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening and why Texas officials tried to bury the story.

Lindsey Graham Compared Rudy Giuliani’s Legal Work To That Of A Third Grader

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham wanted Trump to win a second term, but he wasn’t persuaded at all by the so-called “evidence” that Rudy Giuliani presented to him. According to a new book by Bob Woodward, Graham likened the work done by Giuliani to that of a third grader, and those close to Graham who also looked at the material described it as “sloppy” and questioned whether any of it was even real. Farron Cousins explains what happened.


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According to Bob Woodward’s new book peril. Lindsey Graham was one of the individuals brought in to the white house on January 2nd. We’re Rudy Giuliani talked to everybody there about how the election was allegedly stolen. And Lindsey Graham, according to the book was pressing Rudy Giuliani. Give me names, right? Give us the evidence you say you’ve got all this evidence. Give it to us. I’m the chair of the Senate judiciary committee, at least for a couple more days, Rudy. So let’s get on this buddy. Give me what you got. Well, a couple days later, Rudy Giuliani came through and he gave Lindsey Graham a packet, a packet that Lindsey Graham passed over to Lee Holmes, who was then the, uh, lead attorney for the Senate judiciary committee. And homes described the work as shoddy homes. When, as far as to question whether or not the sources that Giuliana used were even real, if they even existed. And once Lindsay Graham got his hands on the packet and he looks through it, he likened the work to that of a third grader, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham basically said that Rudy Giuliani’s legal work here because this is what it was. He was setting up the legal challenges, uh, could have been done by a third grader because it was so, so bad. This is Rudy Giuliani folks. And again, all of this is according to Woodward’s new book, but this is Rudy Giuliani, right? This was a man on the cover of time magazine, following nine 11. This was America’s mayor, right? The guy who came close, I guess you would say to, you know, possibly being a president of the United States. This is the guy who just in 2006, went to bat for, uh, you know, the, the big opioid companies and won in court for them. And he had been reduced to basically, you know what? We can surmise from this information, making stuff up to make Donald Trump happy and let’s not get this wrong. Lindsay Graham wanted Donald Trump to win Lindsey. Graham was at the white house that day because he thought there was a chance they could overturn the election. Lindsey Graham didn’t just happen to stumble into the oval office and say, oh shoot, is there a meeting here? Oh, okay. Yeah, I’ll sit and listen. Why not? Right? No. He was invited there and he accepted the invitation because he thought there was a chance, but Giuliani was so fricking terrible at what he does. And he had no evidence at all that Lindsay Graham was like, wow, this could have been put together by an elementary school student. Rudy Giuliani has ruined his reputation. Rudy Giuliani ruined any chance of having a decent legacy all because he decided to throw his lot in with Donald Trump. That was a choice he made because at one point he believed he was going to be rewarded. And now Trump won’t even return his phone calls. Trump won’t help him pay his massive legal bills that continue to Mount Giuliani has been left out in the cold. Donald Trump could not care less about what happens to Rudy Giuliani and Lindsey Graham. Even though you didn’t go along with Giuliani’s plan here, you need to take note of that because you’ve also been a, a loyal lapdog to Donald Trump. And you need to realize that that loyalty is not a two way street, buddy. The second you are no longer useful to him or the second you are in need, you’re going to be cast out and you’re going to find yourself pretty lonely with the exception of course, of having Rudy Giuliani for company. Because Trump won’t talk to him either.