Tony Perkins Backs #DumpKelloggs: After Election Defeat, Left Will ‘Use Corporate America to Marginalize Conservative Thought’

Tony Perkins, host of the Family Research Council’sWashington Watch radio show, discussed the#DumpKelloggs boycott with Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov on Monday.

“The Left has lost control of the government – at least, it’s about to – which they have used to basically punish dissenting thought, when it comes to their politically correct agenda. So now there is this, it appears to be [a] rapid move to consolidate their control of corporate America – to use them to be their tool or their weapon of choice,”

.. “It’s like a different version of Hillary Clinton’s ‘basket of deplorables,’” Perkins observed. “Kellogg’s has their bowl of deplorables, and they’re basically dumping this on half of America.

.. “You’re right, a lot of our material is published on Breitbart. When petitions that we do on religious liberty in the military get to Breitbart, they do extremely well – because you’re right, it’s God-fearing Americans who read Breitbart,” said Perkins.

.. What that is, is an attempt – and we’ve seen it come from the Left many times – an attempt to shut down mainstream conservative thought, because they cannot compete in the realm of ideas. We know that we will win on that basis. They try to marginalize people so that you can’t get your ideas out there, and they marginalize you by calling you racist, sexist, and terms like that.”

.. maybe this long-held, long-gone-to playbook of calling conservatives racist is maybe beginning to lose some of its effectiveness,”

.. Frankly, they cannot point to a single fact, a single article on Breitbart that is white nationalist, because it has never existed.”