Senator Doug Mastriano | Lion’s Den Interview

I had the opportunity to speak with a 30-year veteran, now the Pennsylvania State Senator, Doug Mastriano. Who’s been fighting, probably the loudest in the state of Pennsylvania to reopen the state & get PA back to work.

mean just it was a long haul it was a
great time served with so many beautiful
people it’s been simply amazing let’s
talk about your experiences over there
I’m sure you had scary times I don’t
care who you are I’m sure you’ve seen so
much what experiences did you take from
there they’re helping you do your job
now as an elected official I’m not going
to call you a politician today there’s a
negative connotation especially in this
environment for any a politician but but
your elected official what experiences
are you taking
the key thing that I saw this you know I
did not deploy to the Balkans I don’t
want people who deploy but I supported
the mission I went there many many times
spent a lot of days there supporting the
mission and that that one in particular
struck me because that was a civil war
and then I look around at the atrocities
ever committed and you know people that
want to say maybe we need something like
a civil war in America like you you’re
nuts we don’t want that in here
and the
other thing is is just how precious rare
and valuable our freedoms are we take it
for granted every day we wake up you
know you and I can talk and I worry
about the police monitoring our speech
at this moment anyway and we could
liberalize normally and do we want to do
except now and so when I come back I
retire from the Army I’m reflecting on
my career I’m about to go on an
interview with another guy a couple
years ago when I was just leaving the
army and I was before we were recording
I’m complaining about how I’m handing
over the country and state in pretty bad
shape to my son and this young man
looked over and he said well Colonel do
something about it and I’m like oh man
because normally Colonels and generals
are offered you know a nice package by
the federal government to continue to
serve and as a civilian because they say
best so much in US and I thought about
that I had all these excuses like hey I
don’t like politics I don’t have the
money I don’t have the connections I was
prohibited for thirty years while I was
then officer which is a good thing from
being involved politically but he was
right it’s like we need to do something
about it so you know I ended up running
and winning and so I bring with me or
all the thoughts of the sacrifice and
deaths and deployments of all those I
served with here the heroism of so many
the fear that came with it the
uncertainty in life and that’s why I’m
the leading voice of opposition to
governor cuz he has no idea what he’s
doing and those willing accomplices in
the population there’s those busy bodies
that want to go in and oppress you wear
your masks social distance they have no
idea that they’re nothing but useful
idiots for this bad agenda here to
destroy our country and everything is at
stake and we’re about to lose our
freedoms if we don’t stand up and resist
can you tell us some other some other
pieces of legislation that you’re
working on right now in Harrisburg yes
so there’s a couple things here that are
interesting I I together with Senator
Argyll and Schuylkill County we have
legislation and to require the General
Assembly the house has Senate every ten
days to renew emergency order Senator
Kim hill at a Westmoreland County she
has legislation for constitutional
amendment to limit its every 30 days
those are important to sew up right now
and so we need to get those moves so we
can’t have a governor willy-nilly
declaring a 90 day emergency and then
renewing it on this side of control
right now in the middle of a second
emergency order going through September
on this can you imagine this if he gets
away with it
I mean we’re gonna see what happens for
sure well senator thank you for being on
the let then I appreciate it I
appreciate your time you heard it from
the senator every vote matters
I’ve listened this year to a lot of
things I’ll be voting I suggest everyone
to vote whichever way you feel you think
this country should go senator thank you
so much for your time I wish you the
best luck in your upcoming election and
thank you for everything you’re doing
for reopening say the Pennsylvania thank
you for giving the people a voice here
and our lives do matter and what we do
echoes across the generations end to
eternity so this everything’s at stake
for our children and children’s children
we gotta win this fight and together we
will we must thank you senator have a
good day I appreciate everything thank
you bye-bye to be encouraged and be bold
and courageous here a lot of us say call
my vote doesn’t matter my voice doesn’t
matter and and I prove that together you
know with my online chats hear that we
created a movement of thousands of
people last month I reached about three
and a half million people many of those
people have been engaged their Senators
reps and pushing them to do the right
thing a lot of times these these
politicians have been doing this all
their lives here they lost our moral
compass but when the people rise up and
start pushing them I had one of the
senior guys tell me okay you call your
people off be now we compelled him to
force a vote on us here we can make a
difference together and so if I happen
to be the voice right now the people
here to fight for our freedoms here let
we gotta stick together as he as I
Benjamin Franklin said there in the
revolution if we don’t hang together
we’ll hang separately so we gotta hang
together and win this fight