Domain reputation and deliverability

Unlike sending IPs that can be switched from time to time, your domain reputation sticks with you as a sender. This is why mailbox providers are investing in filtering protocols that put more weight on domain reputation to determine whether emails should make it through to the inbox.

If you’re not familiar with how your sending practices and domain reputation impact deliverability this webinar will get you up-to-speed with everything you need to know.

Negotiating: Start with No

on the sell side, negotiating successfully the sale of your domains comes down to the approach that described in the book Start with No by Jim Camp. Recommended to me by the great Michael Feeley, it explains how people that seek win-win agreements are regularly taken advantage of by more experienced negotiators that are unwilling to compromise, prepared to be perfectly passive to any requests and stay firm on their bottom line.

.. short, passive answers incredibly help your cause. There is not only money and time that you spend in a negotiation, but there is also emotional expenditure. If you spend one hour writing a long email explaining why your domain is worth 7 digits, it is just human nature to feel more committed to the negotiation, and the other party will notice that. As a result, your negotiating position will be weaker, and that will negatively affect your bottom line. The drawback of the Start with No approach is that it is extremely effective, so effective that you are likely to have always the upper hand in the negotiation, and, when the deal is done, buyer’s remorse settles in and that sometimes comes at the cost of the relationship and the opportunity for future deals.