Which guard dog should I have at home between a Doberman, Rottweiler, or Belgian?

If your family is willing to marry your dog, to be with them every day, and night, a Dobe is perfect…because she’s bred to be a body guard, she will love you like no other can…but if you treat her like a breed that is to be separated from your family even by a door, your Dobe will first ignore you, then resent you, and then divorce you. One night you’ll wander in and be the intruder in her home. Bad bad scenario. If bonded however, they are real practical jokers and extremely loving with family, they also may not let anyone near your kids ‘just because…There is a reason this breed is called the Velcro dog. They stick to you. I’ve owned them for three decades. I don’t mind the devotion required. The reward is a love so strong, it breaks your heart.

Belgians are being bred more and more to be hyper watchers. They have never been known as pets as much as workers. They require intense training to level them out and more exercise than the Dobe or Rottie (who need it but not excessively) just to blow off steam. The barking may in itself get you in trouble if you live in a trafficked area. They won’t be as physically affectionate as the other breeds. They are often animal aggressive to new pets. I returned a puppy with aggression issues the same day to the breeder and recommended police academy. He was accepted.

Rotties are excellent watchers…but require heavy family time too….think only somewhat more forgiving than a Dobe. Drooly, sweet but with intimidating size needs socializing and intense monitoring with small kids simply because of their size.. They will follow you, waiting to do some job, any job. They are guardians, drovers, haulers and companions. They eat …a lot and love wrestling with family. When not on duty, they are goofballs. In the best sense of the word. The neighbors Zeus is a serious baby sitter. He would die for family.

None of those guarders you mentioned is a first time owner dog. But I would suggest a very noble breed instead. For a first timer, a smaller female German Shepherd rescue. Calmer, gentler tho slightly larger than the Belgian, more emotionally forgiving than the Doberman and physically more manageable with kids than the Rottweiler powerhouse. But intimidating as all heck.

German Shepherds look intimidating enough to deter intruders, their bark is thunder and like the other three breeds, can and will defend to the death. My parents loved them the best.

For the first timer, A true rescue GSD will normally be temperament rated, and housetrained. She will be spayed, and calmer than a puppy. Lots of toys will suffice instead of the furniture. A female is physically easier, and a little less stubborn. All these dogs require inside residency in the same room with family to remain reliable with family. After owning a pedigree GSD rescue, you’ll be ready for the challenge of a GSD puppy, or other protection breeds…but as it is with most guardian breeds, once you feel their powerful commitment, it becomes a ‘breed’ thing. If you become. GSD person, you’ll be in great company. Strong leaders manage strong breeds.

See the best watchers ‘look’ below.

Belgium Sheepdog



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