Trump’s EPIC Meltdown During Fox & Friends Interview

Trump has an epic meltdown during a live Fox & Friends interview.

Trump recites conspiracy theory about the “DNC server”

The expansive remarks by the president came during a rambling, roughly hourlong phone call to “Fox & Friends,” in an exercise co-host Brian Kilmeade dubbed a “stress release.”
The previous two weeks have been a period of intense pressure for the White House, as impeachment investigators have heard televised testimony from a dozen witnesses detailing a sweeping campaign by the Trump administration seeking Ukraine-led probes into the president’s political opponents.”

I do want always corruption I say that
to anybody like technically a slip of
the tongue I guess some would say a
Freudian slip perhaps with that Donald
Trump Brewer than you purposed so
exactly exactly so there Donald Trump
president of these United States called
up Fox and Friends and they tried to
interview him I can’t say that they
interviewed him because that implied
that he ever stopped talking and they
got an a questioning they did get
questions in occasion essentially and it
was the kind of question where they just
repeat what he just said in astonishment
mm-hmm like you don’t what you want a
great example of that let’s do let’s go
to our first clip because we got a feel
that we’re to go to but Donald Trump
he’s not going to be deterred by like
Fiona Hills testimony yesterday about
how the whole CrowdStrike Ukraine 2016
thing is a Russian promoted conspiracy
theory to get the suspicion off of them
for interfering with US elections that
was just yesterday that was debunked yet
again a Donald Trump today spreading it
on Fox and Friends from the DNC
Democratic National Committee who has
the sir know the FBI went and they told
him get out of here you’re not kidding
we’re not giving it to you
they gave the server to CrowdStrike or
whatever it’s called which is a country
which is a company owned by a very
wealthy Ukrainian and I still wanted to
see that server you know the FBI has
never gotten that server that’s a big
part of this whole thing why did they
give it to a Ukrainian company where you
sure they did that are you sure they
gave it to Ukraine well the next word
start a Trump are like that’s what I
hear that that’s a word that’s the word
that’s there’s a lot of words on the
internet you should not trust most of
them these of them are bad words this is
so horrible mm-hmm like that
specifically is so horrible and a
microcosm of what’s been happening in
media discourse
under the trump presidency like those
are jesters this was a four there’s a
fifty minute interview with Donald Trump
a fifty minute show and never anywhere
else has it been so apparent that Fox
and Friends are the court jesters
because jesters job was to come before
the king
and put on a show just before the king
as he doesn’t care if they live or die
as he toys with them to his heart’s
content either laughing at them and
rewarding them with praise or not being
satisfied with their performance and
then like literally tarring and
feathering them I like the metaphor and
I think that there’s something to that
but like the Jester is supposed to be
able to talk every once in a while like
this is the gesture like are you sure
you want don’t don’t pick that up no
don’t throw that when mr. president
seriously we don’t eat that that’s not
every other day when he’s not on the
show is the jesters performance because
this is that moment where the Justin
where the court with a the the King
gives them feedback gives them feedback
yeah that’s it and it becomes so
apparent in this moment as they just
stare and the producers need to do
something else basically with that I cut
them like and I don’t understand how
people watching that at home don’t see
their beloved Fox and Friends faces yeah
just melting with a sad you sure about
that and like occasionally I want Jarrow
to make a mashup for the main show but
he’ll be talking talking talking like
start talking and John stop talking
yours okay I’ve decided right what
happened was the tightness in the shots
what they do he keeps talking they try
to get a question because he’s rambling
off and they try to get in and they
can’t and then they smile at the camera
because they know this is this is
pointless we don’t even need to be here
we should just given him you know sent
him a webcam and he could broadcast an
hour to the Fox audience but anyway to
the content of what he said there he
said they the FBI came into the DNC and
tried to get the server and they said get
out of here FBI
which is a thing you can
legally do somehow and they didn’t give
this the server all of that is nonsense
and it’s it’s so many steps of nonsense
that it makes you just feel like a crazy
person CrowdStrike is not a Ukrainian
company it’s a it’s a company based in
California that’s what it is
there wasn’t a server there were 140
servers some of them physical servers
some of them digital servers information
existing in the cloud which is a concept
you’re not going to get the president to
understand there was no one server to
hand over there were many servers which
were imaged and all of the information
was given to the FBI the FBI which by
the way along with 16 other intelligence
services the United States all agree
that Ukraine was not meddling in the
2016 election it was Russia but he is
spreading this conspiracy theory which
can be if you go back far enough the
origins are the Russian intelligence
services themselves he is continuing to
spread and already many times debunked
conspiracy theory in the midst of this
impeachment inquiry and well that’s his
defense and he isn’t even spreading it
right which only serves the purpose of
conspiracy conspiracy theories at large
which is just this cloud of doubt is a a
bunch of sand that is his only goal
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.. Brazile writes that she was haunted by the still-unsolved murder of DNC data staffer Seth Rich and feared for her own life, shutting the blinds to her office window so snipers could not see her and installing surveillance cameras at her home. She wonders whether Russians had placed a listening device in plants in the DNC executive suite.

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U.S. Prosecutors Consider Charging Russian Officials in DNC Hacking Case

At least six Russian government officials are identified as part of ongoing investigation

The Justice Department has identified more than six members of the Russian government involved in hacking the Democratic National Committee’s computers and swiping sensitive information that became public during the 2016 presidential election, according to people familiar with the investigation.

.. It also suggests the eagerness of some federal prosecutors and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to file charges against those responsible, even if the result is naming the alleged perpetrators publicly and making it difficult for them to travel, rather than incarcerating them. Arresting Russian operatives is highly unlikely, people familiar with the probe said.
.. the Justice Department has been bringing more cases against alleged hackers acting on behalf of foreign governments as a means of making the allegations public and potentially forcing a change in behavior, people familiar with the strategy said.