In Video, Erdogan Watches as His Guards Clash With Protesters

Nine people were hospitalized after the skirmish, and the State Department issued a stern statement condemning the attack.

Embassy Statement Regarding The Incidents That Occurred In Sheridan Circle On May 16, 2017

Groups affiliated with the PKK, which the U.S. and Turkey have designated as a terrorist organization, gathered yesterday without permit in Sheridan Circle in the immediate vicinity of the Ambassador’s Residence, while the President of Turkey was visiting the Residence.  The demonstrators began aggressively provoking Turkish-American citizens who had peacefully assembled to greet the President.  The Turkish-Americans responded in self-defense and one of them was seriously injured.  The violence and injuries were the result of this unpermitted, provocative demonstration. We hope that, in the future, appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that similar provocative actions causing harm and violence do not occur.