lexiconomy: first decentralized and economized dictionary

the lexiconomy is the world’s first decentralized and economized dictionary, empowering anyone to coin a word or phrase. it’s a dictionary for all languages, people, and cultures.

language is never static. every day new words and phrases are invented while the meanings of old ones transform. as language evolves, the lexiconomy will serve as a persistent, immutable, and censorship-resistant record of the world’s language. over time, it will capture the evolution of the human language.

the lexiconomy inherits its unique, unchanging, and uncensorable properties from the ethereum blockchain. the lifespan of the lexiconomy is limited only by the life of ethereum. as a decentralized platform, the scope of the lexiconomy goes far beyond a web application. the permanency of the lexiconomy allows it to be a base language layer, or language api, for future decentralized applications to build upon.

every entry in the lexiconomy is a called a lemma. a lemma can be a single letter, a long phrase, or a mathematical equation. the relationship between lemmas is recursive, one lemma can be composed of many smaller lemmas!

lemma ownership is in perpetuity and extends beyond the lexiconomy. owners can freely sell, trade, and use their lemmas in any erc 721-compatible application. within the lexiconomy, owners are rewarded for their ingenuity and lexical contributions. every time lemmas are used to compose a new lemma, the owners of the used lemmas are compensated.

the possibilities of the lexiconomy are only bounded by language. as language is created, defined, and controlled by people, the lexiconomy will also be defined and controlled by the imagination of people all over the world.