Democrats want to fundraise off of Roe and do nothing: Kamala Interview


Republicans: We’ll eliminate the filibuster to pass a national abortion ban if we get control
Democrats: We’ll read a poem and hope that makes you feel better


Did you expect better from a cop & prosecutor who thought arresting parents for truant kids? She’s always been awful, now it’s time for her to be awful in front of even more cameras.
When even the mainstream media is starting to ask decently tough questions, you know your time is up in the White House
Kyle you’re exactly right, they don’t care whether they win or lose it’s only about how they can make money on the next election. Losing sometimes is more profitable. That’s who they are.
They’re jumping straight to the fundraising that they want but don’t realise they have to offer something in return or up front. 🤦‍♂
“Yes, we here in the administration understand the issues that this decision will cause, and we are thinking about these things you’re saying.” “Will you be doing any of these things?” “Do what?”
Never have I ever seen the flaws of a two party system so clearly. One makes an unforgivable move and the other is just standing there; doing nothing in believe that they get more votes and money of course… And they probably will just because they seem to value something idk
I like when Kyle goes line by line and breaks it down like this
Put clinics on military bases, it’s federal land. Let the red states close the whole military bases down, a win either way.
>>This is unironicly a fantastic idea. They’ll never in a million years have the balls to actually do it, but it’s a great idea.
So she’s arguing to do literally nothing for some 130 days lol
“They will do anything for the unborn. But once you’re born, you’re on your own” George Carlin
Could you imagine her on Jeopardy? She would answer each question in the form of the same question that came before it
How can anyone passionately fight for the dems, when even when given everything they need, they wont act? Its hard not to become a doomer honestly.
To call this a lame duck administration would be an understatement. It genuinely seems like they don’t care

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