David Hunter Calls for a V-Shaped Recovery Followed by a Depression

Tom welcomes back experienced investment professional David Hunter of Contrarian Macro Advisors to the show. David shares some of his controversial contrarian views on where the markets are heading. He often receives criticism from investors for his differing views.

David is calling for a melt-up into a secular top this summer, followed by an 80% bear market next fall and winter.

His long term views hold for vastly higher gold, silver and oil prices as inflation takes hold in a few years. This inflation will result in a global economic and financial collapse late in this decade.

Email: Dhunter31@gmail.com
Twitter: DaveHcontrarian

Time Stamp References:
1:10 – Recent events review.
4:15 – Melt-up explanation.
6:20 – Outlook for Markets.
10:30 – Economic Lag Time.
13:50 – Second collapse predictions.
17:00 – Eventual global deflationary bust.
21:30 – What will drive the current recovery.
23:47 – Expectations for the US dollar.
26:30 – Service debts at zero percent interest.
28:15 – Money printing and the Fed.
34:40 – Bullish case for gold, silver, mining stocks.
39:45 – Timeline for his predictions.
44:25 – Bond market thoughts.