Everything INFJ [Extremely LONG]

First off: These typings don’t actually define who you are. You are you and you create the meaning of your life and things that happen in your life. Please use MBTI/enneagram or any of these typing tests as stepping stones in your journey to understand yourself and others. For me MBTI was a means to understand people around me a little better and break some negative habits I had. It’s a tool and not one that gives all the answers… there is NO answer to be had from MBTI. I see so many people getting stuck on these typings and labels and taking them far too literally. If you need MBTI to define who you are then you need to do some serious internal processing because you should know who you are. I did this video purely because after doing the two character analysis videos all this stuff just started flowing back into my mind so I figured I’d just get it all out there. Don’t take MBTI overly serious because it by itself is a super flawed system. Use MBTI constructively… please… the whole reason I got out of this crap is because of all the superficial garbage being thrown into it and people taking the labels way too seriously and trying to put people into boxes.

Anyway, I will probably do more character videos but don’t expect another MBTI video like this because I actually don’t like advertising this stuff because people seem to take it the wrong way and it tends to consume their lives in a negative manner rather than a positive one.