Trump lawyers fight video release in Trump University

It emerged Wednesday that Trump is seeking $10 million in damages against former senior campaign adviser Sam Nunberg for allegedly leaking confidential information in violation of a non-disclosure agreement. Lawyers for Nunberg asked a state judge in New York on Wednesday to shut down the arbitration proceeding where Trump is demanding the money. Nunberg alleged Trump wants to silence him as part of an effort to “cover up media coverage of an apparent affair” between two other top Trump campaign aides.

.. While videos of the depositions are not public, transcripts of the sessions are. They show the real estate mogul bristling as he is peppered with queries from one of the class-action lawyers pressing the suits.

“Same answer to your harassment questions,” Trump snapped as attorney Jason Forge read a long list of Trump University instructors and Trump said he did not know them.

.. Forge noted that Trump defended his past praise for the politicians, saying he was a businessman trying to maintain a good relationship with them.

“Just like Mr. Trump, [the attendees] had an expectation of needing help from the people they were evaluating,” the class action attorney said.

.. Petrocelli insisted that the videos by their nature would cause problems the transcripts had not and he argued that the court shouldn’t really be deciding what information is needed because Trump is a presidential candidate.

“This lawsuit, your honor, is not a vehicle to litigate the presidential campaign,” the attorney said.

.. A handful of TV cameramen staked out the courthouse. They gave chase to the plaintiffs’ lawyers as they left, missing the famed trial lawyer Petrocelli and his colleague as they slipped out moments later.