Cryptocurrency Index Fund: Top 20 Crypocurrencies

CRYPTO20 provides a way to track the performance of the crypto markets as a whole by holding a single crypto asset. Index funds have consistently beaten the average managed fund since their inception.

RAD 30: Top 30 excluding Bitcoin and Etherium

The Rad 30 Crypto Composite (RAD 30) tracks thirty crypto assets across 10 sectors, similar to how the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ Composite track stocks. The RAD 30 presents a diverse view of decentralization — the RAD 30 strays away from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other large crypto assets (in terms of market cap).

The sectors included in the RAD 30 are the sectors that are the most prone to decentralization and have the largest market opportunities. The crypto assets included in the RAD 30 are the best positioned crypto assets in each sector.