5 Psychological Tricks To Win Any Argument

I know you all have been hyped for this week’s breakdown.

Most of the footage we’ll be looking at is Jordan Peterson’s recent conversation with Sam Harris.

Now the problem is how do you go about having a productive confrontation, debate, discussion or argument without demolishing your relationship with the other person?

I’m sure, at some point, some of you have been in that agitating scenario where your arguments and points have been taken out of context and the other person you’re arguing with is making you feel like a fool.

Nobody likes to feel like they’re wrong.

So today we’re going to talk about 5 points that will help you be the bigger person in your future debates and how to come out knowing more than you did before!


01:01​ – Tip #1: Lay Out The Points of Agreement
02:58​ – Tip #2: Clarify The Other Person’s Perspective
04:02​ – Tip #3: Establish Your Good Intentions
05:01​ – Tip #4: Separate Your Views From Your Ego
07:26​ – Tip #5: Not Identifying With Your Perspective & Winning Mindset

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Joe Rogan: Our Media is in an Adolescent Stage

that’s why I think it’s good like what
you do in terms of coversation is like you
basically say you know I’m gonna do long
form because that you know feels like at
least from my perspective the healthiest
yeah it’s conversation but is even in
that case people will take long-form
edit things out of context and then it
becomes the same problem that we have on
Twitter and with everything else you get
these little sound bites so there’s
little video clips and you don’t
understand the full context of the
conversation or what was actually said
and then people get outraged at that
it’s you know it’s we are living in a
very strange time and I believe it’s an
adolescent stage of communication and I
think it’s going to give our
frustrations for this are going to give
birth to a better full

and I think one of the things that
podcasts what it’s in response to the
popularity of the long-form is in
response to people being upset with like
these traditional late-night talk show
things where there’s a window here with
one guy on the right and a window here
with a guy on the left and there’s a
person in the center and they’re yelling
at each other and then you cut to
commercial and you don’t really feel
like things got resolved so the response
to that where people gravitate it’s
three is theater yeah I think he’s was
it hard for you you know when we came up
his comments it was also at that point
like it was sort of a gladiatorial
environment you know and I remember you
know the Boston scene you know was
always like that’s a tough scene yeah
he’d come up and it was kind of
gladiatorial and but you had that
audience and you develop kind of that
thick skin is it hard to then make that
switch in your mind to this different
form that’s so much more considered so
much less about conquering the stage
yeah it is about being open and is that
something that for you what was the
switch for you from those two forms
because that’s and that’s an interesting
switch well in the beginning there
wasn’t very good switch you know it’s
like one of the reasons why the early
episode sucked it’s like I didn’t know
what I was doing and I didn’t think
anybody was listening it was just for
fun and there was a lot of just hanging
out with comics and just doing what
comics do if we were at a diner
somewhere just talking shit and making
each other laugh but we were doing it
and videotaping it and then along the
way I started interviewing actual
interesting people and talking to them
and having conversations and not you
know I don’t you know I there’s a place
for comedy and then I don’t I make a
really big point in never trying to
force comedy into places where it
doesn’t belong that’s I do that also
with the UFC when I do commentary I’m
never funny there’s no reason to be it’s
not what my job is you know and then
when I’m doing a conversation with
someone I just try to talk I don’t try
to be a comic I don’t try I just I’m a
human I want I want to know what they’re
talking about and I want to I want to
get them to expand upon their
ideas as best they can and I want to be
engaged that’s what I’m trying to do so
it wasn’t that it wasn’t that was a big