Trump and Ryan: Health Bill May Test Marriage of Convenience

“It’s not my bill,” he told CNN, noting that the White House had helped Congress draft it. “It’s our bill.” As if for emphasis, he also noted that he talks to the president almost every day.

.. Hours after the release of a damaging analysis on the health bill from the Congressional Budget Office, the site published leaked audio of Mr. Ryan telling House members last October that he could no longer defend Mr. Trump’s campaign.

The content of the tape was not news; Mr. Ryan’s view at the time was clear, just after the release of the “Access Hollywood” video in which Mr. Trump boasted of sexually assaulting women. But to admirers of Mr. Ryan, the message of the leak was unsubtle.

.. Mr. Trump has also told people that if this effort fails, he will try again in two years.

.. After Mr. Ryan distanced himself in October, Mr. Trump savaged him as a “weak and ineffective leader.”

But by December, the two had reconciled. At a rally together in Wisconsin, Mr. Trump compared Mr. Ryan to “a fine wine” whose “genius” he had grown to appreciate.

Then came the hedge: “Now, if he ever goes against me, I’m not going to say that.”