Concealed Carry Reciprocity Is Great, But Let’s Talk Constitutional Carry

The fears of these gun control advocates is sadly based primarily on fear of what they don’t understand.

Anti-gun Democrats who make up the majority of Democrat Party leadership seem to have three major hang-ups with citizens carrying concealed firearms.

  1. The belief that human beings are not born with a right to armed self defense.
  2. The belief that the state created and grants the privilege to bear arms when and if it sees fit.
  3. The belief that more restrictive licensing arrangements ensure that only “qualified people” will receive concealed carry permits under the current schemes in more restrictive “shall issue” states.

.. These concealed carry lectures are no more relevant to actual decision-making under stress than listening to an academic lecture on surgery makes you competent to perform an appendectomy; it’s not terribly complex, but it does require actual practice under a qualified instructor to get it right.

.. The average gun fight is over within 3-5 seconds, with the weapons typically starting from concealment. Can you reasonably argue that she is “proficient?”

.. Ultimately, so-called “constitutional carry”—the right to carry firearms without a permit—should be encouraged, in conjunction with the vigorous prosecution of gun laws when people commit violent crimes with firearms.