Republican defines the word “woke”

Woke is a liberal construct, that has been turned on themselves as a mockery, and you don’t even realize it.

It’s used nowadays exclusively to make fun of the pompous self-aggrandizing jackasses (especially the white liberals) who are always eager to lecture others about how to be more tolerant through the use of verbal and physical assaults and violence, that the younger WOKSTERS don’t even realize it’s a term coined by liberals themselves as a way to demonstrate they have been awaken to see all the underlying injustices in our society, much like the Red Guards of the Maoist China in the 1960s, where the idealistic but stupid young people (it’s always the young people) were brainwashed into turning in their parents, teachers, neighbors to the government for saying unsanctioned retorics by the CCP government and accused of being Capitalist Pigs. Or the Brownshirts of the Nazi Germany who were nothing but street fighters for the NSDAP.


There, I just defined WOKE for you, according to your own definition.