Ted Cruz finally CONFRONTED at restaurant after NRA speech

BREAKING: Ted Cruz was just confronted TO HIS FACE at a restaurant after his NRA speech.


When a “free man” in America can’t voice his opinion to a politician that is supposed to represent him -he and we are living in a tyranny .


We have to elect officials that don’t have security manhandle someone wanting an explanation as to why 19 babies had to be killed and why he attended an NRA rally a day after the shooting and refuses to pass gun laws.
Good to know that the First Amendment doesn’t apply when someone is talking about something Republicans don’t like.
If he doesn’t like being confronted in a restaurant or anywhere, he needs to find a new job. We the people need to confront and question the people that we elect to represent us.
This man was respectful and calm up until he was manhandled for daring to question a PUBLIC SERVANT. I can’t say I could’ve kept my composure as well as he did. Ty to the people whom thought to record this interaction.
So, the man isn’t allowed to even talk to an elected official? Ridiculous. Come on, Texas, vote this coward out.
He just sent his goons after one of his constituents. How disgusting.
I love how well orchestrated this was. He approached with the pretense of being a supporter who wanted a picture then went into his motive in a line of questioning. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful
 @Peter Cross  he didn’t raise his voice till the clowns thugs literally grabbed him and forcefully moved him
Here’s the thing about the GOP vs Dems, they won’t listen to their constituents. They argue with them or remove them. They never just quietly listen and show compassion. This behavior is what we do not need in our government.
He should press charges against those guys that assaulted him and pushed him. If Cruz didn’t like what he was saying, he should have left.
I don’t believe I have ever seen a smile disappear as quickly as the one that left Ted’s face when he realized that guy wasn’t a supporter.
That man has a right to speak to Ted Cruz, an elected representative without being dragged away by burly thugs.
I can’t believe (but I can) how quick those men were to assault and PUT THEIR HANDS ON a guy that was no threat – like, zero-percent. Craven, the lot of them.
It’s amazing that he can’t defend himself for more than a minute before he cowers and backs away. If he’s so confident, why does he run away at the first chance he gets?
This is what happens when the wrong people have power…..
Isn’t it assault when the bodyguards physically move the man who was practicing his first amendment right?
I love how Cruz didn’t say “I’m with my family” until after he learned the guy wasn’t going to kiss his ass or praise him.
The fact Cruz is trying to get away from a local constituent and not even try to listen is really so sad…
His goons had no right to touch him. It was Cruz who should have walked away with his goons simply maintaining a perimeter around him.
As Brian pointed out in another video… Its more dangerous to be a student in america than it is to be a police officer.


 @Pietro Jenkins  citing data from the national gun violence archives in 2020, 611 children were killed or injured in mass shootings. That same year a total of 45 police officers were killed in the line of duty by gunfire. Considering the amount of protection law enforcement officers have I’m not surprised by the disparity.
God forbid a public servant is confronted by the public about their lack of service.
He HAPPILY stopped what he was doing for a photo with the man, he’s only upset when he finds out the man isn’t a die hard fan
More effort was put into getting that guy away from Ted than Ted puts into anything to prevent mass shootings.
Poor Teddy had his lunch interrupted by a man with a question. What a terrible inconvenience he had to suffer. At least it wasn’t from a gunman, and they didn’t have to haul out 21 patrons afterwards, like another lunch a few days ago.
I hate how smug he looked with his bodyguards coming in. He gets off on the power he has and I hope it’s stripped from him.
Since when does someone get to put their hands on a person just talking. So Ted’s good with the second amendment but not the First?
The only time Republicans are lightning fast to fix a problem it’s when something is a mild inconvenience for them personally.
That wouldn’t have happened to Senator Cruz if the restaurant only had one secured locked door.
I love how politicians always have dinner parties with supporters for hours but never have 15 minutes to listen to a constituent that disagrees. Yes, this man bothered his dinner, but when else can voters that want him to represent their perspectives share their thoughts? And in a nutshell that is why America is fucked up and unrecoverable. Group think and echo chambers are all we have left.
I love how when someone uses their First Amendment right, the Republicans wanna run.
Clearly it’s never the time to have a conversation about this.
Take all of the police protection from politicians, reassign them to protect schools. Watch the politicians change laws to protect themselves.
I’m actually surprised Ted Cruz goes out in public.
Why not?! At least his secret service had enough balls to protect him from an unarmed constituent wanting answers; Unlike the Uvalde police who stood around while 19nchildren and two teachers were being gunned down just a short distance away!
1st of all, that guy should have asked Cruz why he was attending an NRA rally and not meeting with parents, family and friends of the murdered children. Next, the owner or at least the manager of that business should have intervened and told those thugs to take their hands off of him and request they and Cruz leave the resturant. Those thugs have no right to escourt anyone out of a public resturant
Why was he thrown out of the restaurant? By what authority did Ted Cruz’s security remove this man from a private premise? They seemed very quick to act as if they had authority to do just that. Is this a standard standing arrangement Ted has with all private premises? Just seems really weird to me.
The Second Amendment States …”A Well Regulated Militia..” No background checks is unregulated. They know this!
Love that the minority security was willing to let him keep talking until that other security came over to protect Cruz
Funny how he has security but regular people don’t get that privilege like the kids in school
Why did Cruz’ goons assault this guy when all he was doing was exercising his first amendment right which clearly says he has “the right to petition the government for redress of grievances”?
Why did Cruz’ goons assault this guy when all he was doing was exercising his first amendment right which clearly says he has “the right to petition the government for redress of grievances”?
He’s a punk trying to hide behind his secret service. What a coward
How many bodyguards does poor Ted need to protect him from his constituents?
I can’t believe Cruz even has the gall to show his face in public after what he has done, much less take his family to a public restaurant.
His job is to hear the concerns of his constituents and address them…. Why is he refusing to listen to this man’s pleas?