Whoever the next US president is, they won’t know their way around a computer

This week’s episode of This American Life made the mind-boggling revelation that Hillary Clinton “doesn’t know how to use a personal computer.”

.. Her inability to work a PC (and her then insistence on using one, very outdated model of Blackberry) was seemingly one of the drivers of the decision to use the much-bemoaned server in her basement for her emails.

.. The New York Times reported on Nov. 6 that Trump “does not use a computer,” which explains why he was perplexed at his campaign spending millions of dollars on digital ads. Court notes analyzed by the Times have revealed that while Clinton was blundering about emails as secretary of state, Trump seemingly wasn’t using them at all. “I don’t do the email thing,” he said in 2007. Six years later, he’d moved forward just a touch, saying he used email “very rarely.”