Donald Trump Wrote a Cookbook

The emissary leaves behind a book in the Kanamit language. A team of analysts translates the title as “To Serve Man,”

‘To Serve Man,’ it’s… it’s a cookbook!”

.. For those who serve the president: The price of your diligence is his flippancy. The price of your efforts to protect him is his willingness to expose you. The price of your sacrifice — of time, profit, career and, in the long run, reputation — is his indifference. The price of your loyalty is his contempt.

.. For those who think the president’s character flaws can be softened, or overcome, by the caliber of his advisers: You can’t use water to put out a grease fire.

.. The president’s digital compulsions may be less obscene than Anthony Weiner’s, but they’re more consequential.

.. Twitter is the electric current that connects populist to populus, demagogue to mob

.. What’s a loss at the high court when he knows he can use it to capitalize politically from the next terrorist attack in the U.S.?

.. we may learn from James Comey’s Senate testimony whether Trump will have to pay a political price of his own for demanding personal loyalty oaths from nonpolitical appointees. If so, it would be fitting punishment for a man who so far has only known profit and advantage from his lack of loyalty toward those who serve him.