Trump Attorney to File Complaint Over Comey Leak of Meeting Memo

Trump tweets that former FBI director’s testimony was ‘a total and complete vindication’ of him

 Marc Kasowitz’s complaint, to be filed early next week with the Justice Department inspector general in addition to a letter sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee, will focus on Mr. Comey’s testimony Thursday that he passed his notes about his conversations with the president to a friend after his firing, and authorized that friend to release them to a reporter. Mr. Comey said he released only unclassified notes about his recollections of his meetings with the president.
.. Lawyers and members of Congress have expressed skepticism that Mr. Comey, now a private citizen, could be prosecuted for leaking.
.. But he disputed much of Mr. Comey’s testimony about his private conversations with Mr. Trump and pointed out that Mr. Comey “unilaterally and surreptitiously” released “privileged communications with the president” to the media.