The Financial Calculations: Why Tim Wolfe Had to Resign

There is big money in college football. In 2014, the University of Missouri football team generated$14,229,128. Coach Gary Pinkel recently received asalary increase from $3.1 million to about $4 million; Wolfe, by contrast, made $459,000 per year. His decision to step down prevented substantial financial losses to the university.

.. Therefore, the parties agree that if one party cancels (hereafter, the “defaulting party”) any game or games, the defaulting party shall pay as liquidated damages to the other party One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) for each cancelled game, to be paid no later than thirty (30) days following the scheduled game.

.. The resignation of Wolfe may signal a short-term victory for minority populations at universities, but it signals something else, too: the economic stranglehold that college football has on the decisions made by these institutions. The experiences of racism at the University of Missouri needed to be addressed, and it appears that it took those with the most financial influence to make that happen.

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