What Happens if SAT Scores Consider Adversity? Find Your School

The Wall Street Journal obtained the list, and it offers a glimpse of the effects on test scores

Among the findings by the data scientist:• More than half of the 50 high schools with the highest SAT scores are private.• Top public magnet schools performed exceptionally well in adjusted SAT scores.• Of the 10% of high schools with the highest SAT scores, a total of 1,035, just 64 had an adversity score of 50 or higher on the College Board’s scale.• Some of the poorest schools punched well above their weight while some of the wealthiest performed poorly.At the nation’s wealthiest high schools, students score an average of 441 points higher on the SAT than students at the poorest high schools, according to a Journal analysis of College Board data. On average, white boys whose parents earned college and graduate degrees outperform others, according to the analysis.