How can I import a JSON file into PostgreSQL?

You can feed the JSON into a SQL statement that extracts the information and inserts that into the table. If the JSON attributes have exactly the name as the table columns you can do something like this:

with customer_json (doc) as (
        "id": 23635,
        "name": "Jerry Green",
        "comment": "Imported from facebook."
        "id": 23636,
        "name": "John Wayne",
        "comment": "Imported from facebook."
insert into customer (id, name, comment)
select p.*
from customer_json l
  cross join lateral json_populate_recordset(null::customer, doc) as p
on conflict (id) do update 
  set name =, 
      comment = excluded.comment;

New customers will be inserted, existing ones will be updated. The “magic” part is the json_populate_recordset(null::customer, doc) which generates a relational representation of the JSON objects.