Fox News on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: If Thats What Radical Means

Trump said Sunday that China’s weakening economy is an incentive for officials to want to reach a trade deal. “The tariffs have absolutely hurt China very badly,” Trump told reporters outside the White House. “I think China wants to get it resolved.”

‘CALL ME A RADICAL’: Rising Democratic star Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., told CBS News’ “60 Minutes” in an interview broadcast Sunday that she is “a radical” who wants to use her newfound position in Congress to make new progressive laws in America … “If that’s what radical means, then call me a radical,” Ocasio-Cortez said, when questioned about her “radical agenda.” She also responded to critics who have pointed out factual errors in some of her tweets.  “I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually and semantically correct than about being morally right… Whenever I make a mistake. I say, ‘Okay, this was clumsy,’ and then I restate what my point was. But it’s– it’s not the same thing as– as the president lying about immigrants. It’s not the same thing, at all.” – Reported by Frank Miles

Republicans Are No Longer Committed to That Whole Peaceful Transfer of Power Thing

You may not have noticed this when it happened, but North Carolina elected a Democratic governor in 2016. It was a close race, and Republicans demanded multiple recounts, but eventually they conceded and Roy Cooper was declared the winner.

But that didn’t mean everything was over. After all, there was another month left in which lame duck Republican Pat McRory was still governor and the Republican legislature was still running things. So they did something unique: they passed a series of bills that stripped the governor of some of his powers. Cooper sued after he took office, of course, and the whole mess is currently working its way through the courts. Still, as corrupt as this was, at least it was just North Carolina, which has a recent history of anti-democratic actions barely matched since the end of Reconstruction.

.. In the same way that voter ID bills spread throughout red states after the first one produced light bulbs all over GOP-land, the same thing is happening here. Republicans who lost reelection bids in November are casting their eyes toward North Carolina and thinking that those Tarheels had a pretty good idea. Here’s Michigan:

.. The incoming Democrats had promised a crackdown on dark money contributions, and this is an obvious attempt to stop them. The new commission would be split evenly between Republicans and Democrats, which would halt campaign finance reform in its tracks. And if Michigan can do it, you know that Scott Walker must be looking on from Wisconsin wondering if he can do the same thing.

.. And so the red splotch expands, as Republicans desperately try to thwart democracy and the usual peaceful transfer of power. Will our courts let them get away with this? Stay tuned.

Trump Derangement Syndrome and the Crumbling Media (Scott Adams Pt. 2)

Scott Adams (Creator of Dilbert) joins Dave to discuss the trend of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,’ the crumbling mainstream media, the Trump/Russia controversy, his predictions for future candidates and the future of Trump, and more.


Just this week there was this idiotic thing with Trump in Japan, dumping out his food in the fish pond.

What they don’t show you is the moment before the Japanese Prime Minister did the same thing.

(10 min) I don’t think media can make money in the middle of the political spectrum

Trump’s opponents might see sense if Trump does something useful with:

  • North Korea
  • Health Care

As long as Trump stays provocative in the same way, people will get used to it.

(18 min) Scott Adams: Russia is a weird relationship – frenemies, but we have deep connections.  Why wouldn’t be talking to them?  What are we going to do: depose Trump and Pence, put in Paul Ryan.  This would be an act of war.  Are we going to nuke Russia?

If Obama knew that Trump was a Russian spy, they would be out on the street yelling about it.

Why would it be illegal to get true information?

(22 min) If you were to ask someone on the street to sort out the Russian thing it would be a jumble.

Persuasion Democrats with Charisma:

  • George Clooney
  • Mark Cuban
  • Van Jones

All Politicians are celebrities, we’re going to live in a world where facts don’t matter.

Even if you’re pro-Trump, you know that the fact-checkers aren’t wrong all the time, but you like the way that he is persuading in the right way

  • Health Care
  • Growth = 4%

If he is successful, you might go out on top and Anoint his successor and keep the brand clean.