We’ll Miss You, Sean Spicer

Today, after 183 days, 58 news conferences, one perfect “Saturday Night Live” skewering, and countless packs of stress gum, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, has resigned. But first, he slammed the door in an ABC News reporter’s face.

.. Unlike others in the Trump administration, Mr. Spicer would occasionally flirt with being a sympathetic figure.

.. His tired eyes would telegraph distress signals to the television cameras: Help me. I’m sad. Please stop picking on me; this is actually hurtful. I thought the suit looked good. Donald is mean.

.. Without Mr. Spicer, who will lie to the public? Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has all the sparkle and charm of the airline call center employee who tells you there’s no way you can get on a flight to Chicago until at least Wednesday?

..  None of them could possibly convey the combination of chutzpah and shame Mr. Spicer embodied.