Kirsten Gillibrand’s Fiery Town Hall

Kirsten Gillibrand did a town hall on Fox News. There were few moments where things got a little testy.

Chris Wallace cut her off when she criticized FoxNews for 6.5 hours of coverage of coverage of “infanticide”.

>> Kirsten Gillibrand had her town hall on FOX News.
And look, there’s been a debate about whether or not it makes sense to do a town hall on
FOX News.
Elizabeth Warren believes that it legitimizes FOX and it helps them sell ads and I think
that’s a fair point to make.
Whereas others think it’s important to go on this platform and try to convince Republican
voters to support them.
>> Which is not gonna happen, but anyway.
So during this town hall Chris Wallace is hosting, and there were a few moments where
things got a little fiery.
Let’s show you the first example.
>> I can tell you, before President Trump gave his State of the Union, Fox News talked
about infanticide.
Infanticide doesn’t exist.
>> Senator, Senator I just want to say we brought you here
>> I know, I just- >> For an hour, we have given you-
>> I respect that.
>> We are treating you very fairly.
I understand that maybe to make your credentials with the Democrats who are not appearing on
Fox news, you’re gonna attack us.
I’m not sure it’s frankly very polite when- >> Okay, I’ll do it in a polite way.
>> We’ve invited you to be here.
>> I’ll do it in a polite way, but it’s a chore for me.
>> Well, I just think- >> It’s to a point-
>> I just think why don’t we- >> I’m answering your question.
>> Instead of talking about Fox News why don’t you answer question?
>> The debate about whether or not women should have reproductive freedom has turned into
a red herring debate.
And what happens on Fox News is relevant, because they talked about infanticide for
6.5 hours, 6.5 hours.
>> Good for her.
>> So, she was told to be polite.
I mean that wasn’t his exact wording, but he called her impolite and then she said,
okay, I’ll say it in a polite way.
No, don’t say it in a polite way.
Listen to me, Fox.
You want Democratic candidates to go on your town halls and help you guys with advertisers?
Fine, but they get to say what they want to say.
You don’t like it, Chris Wallace?
I mean do you remember, I don’t know if you guys remember, Candy Crowley.
Her entire career on CNN was destroyed because she fact checked, by the way, correctly fact-checked
candidates during a debate, right?
This was years ago.
I don’t even remember which candidates were involved, I even remember exactly what happened.
But I do remember that she very, in my opinion, like meekly fact-checked.
And then that was it, she’s gone.
She is not on CNN obviously.
What is Chris Wallace doing?
Don’t tell her to polite!
Don’t even imply that she needs to be polite.
She’s there, during a town hall, and this.
Anyway, it makes me so irritated because it is not your place to interrupt her and tell
her what she can and can’t say as a candidate agreeing to do a town hall on your network.
>> Yep, nope.
Kinda reminds me of this past week when the gentleman ran onstage while Harris was there
trying to speak.
It’s that continued narrative we see of men stepping up and stepping in, in a way to try
to discredit a woman or try to push her in a direction as opposed to letting her have
her own autonomy and use her own voice.
And also the whole Be Polite narrative, isn’t that same framework of just smile more?
>> Totally, totally.
>> Yeah.
>> It’s like do you want her to spell propaganda or to share facts?
Because the focus shouldn’t have been on whether she was polite or not, but whether she was
spouting truth, and it sounds like it, that’s exactly what she was doing.
And just because Wallace was not content with that doesn’t mean he should have opened his
damn mouth.
>> The point of this town hall is not to hear about how, what this candidate is saying is
hurting Chris Wallace’s feelings or Conservative’s feelings.
The point of the town hall is for the candidate to put their policies out there and show voters
who they are.
So if conservatives voters don’t like who she is or what she has to say, they’re not
gonna vote for her, we’re done with it, right?
>> Right.
>> But you don’t get to decide what she can say and what she can’t say.
She’s agreed to do this town hall, you guys have been crying like little children over
the Democrats who don’t wanna do their town halls on your network.
And now you have the audacity to tell a woman who’s running for president to be polite?
>> The only thing is that the continuous interruption- >> Yes.
>> They didn’t do that to Bernie.
>> No.
>> Cuz Bernie didn’t have it, and people call Bernie rude, but Bernie is not rude, Bernie
is just standing his ground.
If she would have been in any way, if she would’ve popped off in any way, then it would’ve
been she is an angry woman.
There’s no way to win in that situation.
>> So true.
>> You just got to ride hard.
You just cannot, and good for her that she just kept going and she didn’t let him, but
the network that has Laura Ingraham is telling people to be polite, shut up and dribble?
Are you kidding me?
>> Exactly.
>> Elizabeth Warren was wise for not going on that network, cuz there’s just nothing
that you can say to truly communicate without being shut down or trying to be shut down
or intimidated in some way when you’re trying to share the facts and the truth.
>> But I don’t know, Adrianne- >> Meghan McCain is thinking that it’s not
a good idea because you’re alienating an entire group of people by not going on network.
>> Do not politicize it.
>> My God.
>> So anyway, now I’m being catty.
But let’s go to the second video because it went on.
>> So what I mean by our future is female, is that we want more women’s voices heard.
I was so inspired by the 2018 election.
Those 120 women who ran in the red and purple places across the country broke through.
Our first two Muslim American women, our first two Native American women.
Young women, diverse women.
And so we want women to have a seat at the table.
>> What about men?
>> They’re already there.
Do you not know?
>> So.
>> I guess what I’m asking is are we part of the future, too?
>> Yes, you’re already there.
So it’s not, it’s not meant to be exclusionary, it’s meant to be inclusionary.
>> Okay.
>> So we’re just wanna have a couple more chairs for the rest of us.
>> All right, we’re not threatened.
>> No, you sound pretty threatened.
What about men?
What’s gonna happen to us?
>> All lives matter.
>> At the table.
You guys have made bulk of the decisions.
You represent the majority of representatives and senators in Congress.
What do you talk?
We haven’t had a single female president.
What are you talking about?
>> No, no, but he wants to make sure he’s not gonna be excluded from the future.
Give me a break, come on.
And let her speak.
And I do really hope that the women who were there in the audience and hopefully some of
the men, it really resonated with them to the extent to which Wallace was interrupting
her and really how demeaning that is.
And I just really hope that that spoke volumes to them.
>> What about men?
I’ll tell you, look at all of the social ills of the world, and they’re usually connected
to men.
How about we open the doors for women and let them bring their compassion and humanity,
and probably resolve a lot of these issues?
And I dare to say that I didn’t know, I thought Nikki Haley was Native American.
But I know that women are not innately evil like some of these men.
So I’m saying that here today, I’m going out on a limb as the comedian that I am, you say
what about men?
Look at the world, what about men?
>> Yeah.
>> And something that I actually really like, at Georgetown University a political scientist
there went and did a research study.
And found that women legislators sponsor more bills, pass more laws, get more money for
their districts.
They work harder.
Maybe because we women have been forced to work twice as hard to get opportunities, but
women actually work harder for you as leaders.
So what about men?
>> And we aren’t emotionally constipated.
>> Yeah, definitely.
And look, I just think it’s interesting how the whole issue of gender equality, it’s not
about giving one gender a leg up over the other.
The way that it’s being treated as a zero-sum game, it is being treated as a threat by some
men, certainly not all, not even close to all.
>> That’s right.
>> And the point I wanna make is look, we’re living in the type of economy right now where
if you’re a man who is threatened by the equality and you don’t want women to have the some
opportunities as you?
I mean, if you’re straight and you plan on having a female partner, you need a dual income
household to survive.
You want those opportunities for both of you, right?
>> What do they say, when you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression?
>> Yeah.
>> So that’s what you were saying there with little Chris and his little feet were dangling
on the tear.
>> Yeah.