Closing Arguments: The Logic of Negative Campaigning

Still, some commentators say, by concentrating on taking down her opponent rather than marketing her own agenda to the voters, Clinton risks achieving a victory without earning a mandate.

That argument should be questioned, too, though. In the bitterly divided Washington of today, there may be no such thing as a mandate: Republicans in Congress will oppose a President Clinton no matter what she does. (We’ve already seen this in their pre-election vows to fight her nominees to the Supreme Court.)

.. which one of Trump’s grotesqueries and vulnerabilities to focus on.

  • Con man and victimizer of the small guy?
  • Chronic sexist and sexual predator?
  • Race-baiting demagogue?
  • Stunning lack of experience?
  • Policy ignoramus?
  • Serial tax dodger?
  • Wannabe-authoritarian strong man who seems eager to trample on the Constitution?
  • Thin-skinned narcissist and megalomaniac?