The Supreme Court Issue NO ONE Is Talking About


John Roberts represented the Chamber of Commerce in private practice.

Before Roberts, the Chamber’s preferred position was chosen 50% of the time.

Under Roberts, 70% of the cases are decided in the Chamber’s favor.


Before John Roberts, Lewis Powell represented the Chamber on the Court

Even the “Left-wing” supports the Chamber:

  • 53% Steven Breyer
  • 48% Sonya Sotomayer


The corporate media almost never covers these corporate law issues.

They want to distract from the corporate issues with social issues.

Environmental issues (Climate Change) are barely part of the converstation.

US states often more attractive tax havens than Panama

Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian company at the heart of the leaked documents scandal, has set up over 1,000 businesses inside the US since 2001, highlighting the emergence of the United States as an international tax haven. Mark Hays of Global Witness, a transparency nonprofit, tells RT America’s Simone Del Rosario which states are so attractive for hiding money.

The Obscure Lawyer Who Might Become the Most Powerful Woman in Washington

If the deputy attorney general resigns or gets fired, oversight of the Trump-Russia investigation would fall to the Justice Department’s No. 3, Rachel Brand.

Senate Democrats who opposed her nomination to the No. 3 job at the Justice Department said her legal career reflected a tendency always to support Big Business against the little guy, and they questioned her commitment to civil liberties during her years in the department under President George W. Bush.

.. She has a “heavily skewed pro-corporate agenda,” said Senator Patrick Leahy

.. Brand was confirmed to her job on a party-line Senate vote of 52 to 46.

.. Rosenstein .. has privately conferred with Brand about the possibility that she will need to take over the department’s oversight of Mueller

.. She was active in the Federalist Society, the conservative lawyer’s group that has long been a talent pool for anyone interested in serving in the administration of a Republican president or on the Supreme Court.

.. hired as a Supreme Court clerk to Justice Anthony M. Kennedy

.. In 2011, Brand became a top lawyer for the United States Chamber of Commerce

.. “If you hire a lawyer, they are going to represent your view. We can’t assume an attorney personally believes in what they are advocating on behalf of their clients. Just ask criminal defense lawyers.”

.. she might now be confronting the “tough task of insulating the investigation from the erratic and inappropriate behavior of President Trump.”

.. Rosenstein might welcome turning over the responsibilities to Brand because it would take him out of the immediate line of fire