The Story Behind The Iconic Photos Of The Olympics’ Dirtiest Record

In early 1988, Johnson pulled his hamstring, curtailing his training and racing in the crucial months before Seoul. Then, at a meet in Zurich just five weeks before the Olympics, Johnson broke well and led early, only to have Lewis overtake him in the last 20 meters. It was Lewis’s first victory over Johnson in two years.

The injury and the defeat in Zurich apparently motivated Johnson to undergo a final round of steroid injections, administered by Dr. Astaphan, less than a month before the 1988 Olympics.

How Fast Would Usain Bolt Run the Mile?

El Guerrouj weighed a hundred and twenty-eight pounds at the time and stood five feet nine inches tall in his running socks. Those few who’ve come close to running a mile as fast as El Guerrouj have been roughly the same size, and that’s not a coincidence: if you wish to run middle or long distances quickly, it helps to travel light.

.. his best two-hundred-metre (19.19), four-hundred-metre (45.28), and eight-hundred-metre (2:10) times make that clear.

.. “But those people on the site are all distance runners who have no idea what they are talking about.”

.. “He’s a total fast-twitch-muscle-fibre guy.

.. nine-time Olympic gold medalist and sprinting specialist Carl Lewis struggling to run a 2:16 half-mile in his prime