Capitol Riot Foiled Trump Ally’s Plans To Carry Out An Actual Coup

As hard as it may be to believe, there’s now good evidence that suggests that the Capitol Riot might have caused enough commotion on January 6th to thwart Trump and his allies’ plans to carry out an actual coup that day. A former Trump advisor, Peter Navarro, says that he and Steve Bannon had 100 members of Congress ready to throw the certification of the electoral college votes, but because the media ended up focusing on the Riot, their plans didn’t come to fruition. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what happened.

Scott Adams: Something like half of the country believes occupying a room in the Capitol gives you functional control over the United States government.

It’s not because they would have been in the room, it’s because they would have killed the Senators they found there.

Some of them were intent on killing Pence and Pelosi. Try to keep up, bruh.

Is your point that those who occupied the capital didn’t disrupt our government? That if they gained access to the representatives and carried out their threats everything would still be cool?

Breaching the floor of the Senate” means getting into the the building before it was evacuated, to start “arresting” members of congress to prevent them from voting, and/or steal the certified EC votes. That was the plan of many. They got within a minute or two of success.

Yeah, so storming your living room wouldn’t be a threat to you?

“Serious threat” and “functional control” are not the same thing. Police officers were beaten with lead pipes, attacked with stun guns, and stampeded. The mob was only a few wrong turns away from doing the same to Representatives and Senators.

I think you’re forgetting the part where the commander in chief of the United States refused to leave office after a lawful election, is that part of the funny too?

What would the mob of 1/6/2021 in Washington DC have to have done in order for the coup attempt to be successful? Or was there never a chance?

The Gloria Coup and Terror Attack of 2021

First, it was a coup attempt and a terrorist attack. Think of the elements. The crowd was armed. The crowd was wearing clothing that said Civil War. The crowd intended to take over a center of government to prevent its lawful operations. Pipe bombs were found. A vehicle full of molotov cocktails were found. People with devices to tie up and detain people were observed. A coup leader was communicating with people subject to the coup and making demands. Violence was undertaken that injured 20 defenders and killed one. Four coup members died, one by gunfire. the coup members were organized to the extent that the leader of the insurrection gave them instructions and scheduled a time and place.

I will say this in my disdain. If you intend to start your argument saying it is not a coup then you are required to disprove each of these events – I will not play endless wack-a-mole with traitorous cowardly Quislings the weekend after the coup was attempted. Bring your A game or not game.

As for it being successful, lets consider what its goals were and how it was organized.

Meet Donald Trump, the Quisling King and leader of the coup. On 6 January he arranges for a “Save America” rally at the White House elipse, knowing that the Congress with Mike Pence would be meeting down the street and that this itself would be provocative. Oddly enough he had taken several actions prior to this. He had refused requests by Capital Police to call on support by the DC police or Guard. He had widely advertised his speech calling on people across the country to come, and had known about and lauded merchandise being sold which called for civil war on the day – many in the crowd would wear shirts saying this. He had also done two more things – arranged for a tent with heating and multiple television sets to watch “the action” after his speech, and arranged for increased security of the White House.

He then, along with several other speakers, give the crowds instruction to take after the congress.

By 1230 the armed crowd is in front of the congress where an understaffed defense force is faced with violent chanting. Trump continues his speech until 1.30 then advises his people in the crowd to move forward, as do the other speakers. Like before the speech, Trump then returns to watching the mayhem in the tent, and then moves to the west wing where staffers report he is elated, talking about the next four years, and planning how he will bully the endangered congress people into submission.

At 1.30 pipe bombs are set up by Trump supporters at the DNC and RNC. It should be noted that many of the groups present have connections with Hezbollah and Hamas, and have been apprehending receiving money from these terror groups.

At 2.15 the capital is breached by terrorists who begin to chase capital police, restricted by orders not to shoot, through the halls. With reinforcements refused by Trump, he continues to call congress people and bully them as they take cover and as the secret service removes Mike Pence from the grounds – as the crowd has taken up shouting for his death in response to a 2.24 Trump tweet.

By 2.30 armed protesters are surrounding twenty-five capitals and violence is becoming wide spread. Trump continues to laugh as he sees this transpire and comments to staff that they will soon be talking to the protesters.

-It seems Trump felt that the protesters would capture Pence and other congress people and that he would then negotiate with one foot in their camp and one foot in the Federal camp to bring a “peaceful end” to the standoff and hostage taking. The negotiation he felt would include his being declared president for four more years. THIS IS THE REASON FOR THE TERRORIST ATTACK.

It all started to go wrong. The capital police found at 2.30 the vehicle(s) interned to supply the terrorists – vehicles with guns, food, explosives, ammunition, water, and everything needed for a siege with hostages. At the same time the crowds struck the last cofferdam before the Capital would be overwhelmed. This was defended with gunfire when the first terrorist crossed it – she was killed, and then held long enough to evacuate the congress.

It was around this time that Trump moved from the West Wing to the bunker and back as his aids urged him to adopt another plan quickly. With no hostages the original plan would not work – who would he negotiate with and on behalf of whom? The rest is history.

So I present to you the plan – capture the congress then ride to the rescue by negotiating with a crowd he himself had let off its leash, could only have worked

  • if McConnell and Pence had folded and if
  • the Capital Police had been unable to evacuate the congress.
  • The military was useless.
  • There was no backup to save congress.

Even now cowardly followers of Trump yell into the ether that it was a walk in the park – a perfect conversation.

Make no mistake Quislings – it was a coup and a terrorist attack and loyal patriotic Americans are not letting you forget it anytime soon.