Police gaslighting: are you mentally ill?

Dirty Tricks:

1) Why are you being difficult?
2) Are you ok or are you mentally ill? (gaslighting)
3) Don’t address issue (personally identify) but point to police car
4) Don’t have reasonable suspicion but make up far-fetched scenarios: don’t match the description but could have changed clothes
5) Always have to have the last word, in a disingenuous way
6) Attempt to physically intimidate

Haiti: Canada & U.S. Support Coups and Dictators

In Haiti, President Moise refused to leave when his term was over, and hundreds of thousands have protested in the streets demanding his resignation. Canada and the U.S. have supported dictators and coups in Haiti for decades. Joining Paul is Jafrik Ayiti, an author, radio show host, public speaker, activist, artist; and Yves Engler, a Montreal-based activist, and author. He has published 11 books, including his latest “House of Mirrors: Justin Trudeau’s Foreign Policy.”