Mike Pence Finds Himself in Unusual Role in Mike Flynn’s Firing

But Mr. Pence also learned he remains very much a junior partner in the still-forming White House power structure, as a timeline shows President Donald Trump knew about Mr. Flynn’s deceptions for two weeks without informing his No. 2.

.. The warning from the Justice Department about Mr. Flynn’s inconsistencies was delivered to the president’s chief counsel, Donald McGahn, who informed Mr. Trump. It’s unclear who else knew.

.. and a flashy style that cuts against the former Indiana governor’s religious beliefs.

.. is the latest incident to raise doubts about Mr. Trump’s creation of an informal power-sharing arrangement among top advisers. Unlike his predecessors, he has placed himself at the center of a spinning wheel of former campaign advisers, family, confidants and aides

.. “This is something entirely different. The ineptitude, the sloppiness, the incompetence and the chaos are unprecedented.”

.. This is all a part of the way he operates. He keeps his adversaries off balance and he keeps people guessing.”

.. Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has influence over everything from foreign policy to job creation and may be the person in the West Wing the president trusts most. Chief strategist Steve Bannon helped craft the president’s populist identity and also has a hand in foreign policy through a new seat on the National Security Council. Mr. Pence is the main point of contact for Republicans on Capitol Hill.

.. Some Republicans have been talking to Mr. Trump’s team and urging them to put in place a system that would impose more order. It isn’t clear that is what Mr. Trump wants. Friends say he likes to “curate” opinions from people he trusts inside and outside of government—sounding people out on what they think he should be doing.

.. A senior White House official said Wednesday that one course correction will be to hold more campaign-style rallies meant to deliver an “unfiltered” message to Americans. One such event is scheduled for Saturday evening in Orlando, Fla., and more will be coming, the official said.

.. Multiple candidates have turned down the position of White House communications director, forcing press secretary Sean Spicer to perform double duty

.. what some Republicans hope is that Mr. Trump will further empower Mr. Pence

.. After a tape surfaced during the campaign showing Mr. Trump making lewd comments toward women, Mr. Trump phoned Mr. Pence’s wife, Karen, to offer reassurance

.. Mr. Trump urged him to go see the Douglas MacArthur statue.

.. pay respects to one of the military leaders Mr. Trump most admires