Burkina Faso: Land of Honorable People

‘Burkina Faso’ means ‘Land of Honourable/Incorruptible Men’. ‘Burkina’ is a Moore word meaning ‘honour’. ‘Faso’ is the Dioulaword for ‘fatherland’. The Fulfulde language is reflected in the term ‘Burkinabe’, because ‘be’ is its plural for people. This use of all three main languages symbolises the unity of the country.

How digging half moons helps farmers in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, rainfall is erratic, and without techniques like these, rain from a downpour would roll off the parched soil, leaving little nourishment for crops.

But where half moons are dug, the water is held in place, giving it a chance to seep into the soil, where it will better nourish crops.

When Tiendrébeogo first heard about half-moons, he doubted they would work.

“But through our experience, we are delighted to use the new practices because everything went well and it did not cost any extra money,” he says. Farmers don’t need chemical inputs because they can use organic fertilizers from their livestock.