An interview with the AP photographer who took the iconic shot of Russian ambassador’s assassin

.. He said he also remembered how his father always told him that if you are ever in a dangerous situation and you have the chance to do good, take the risk.

.. Suzan Fraser, a colleague in the AP’s Ankara bureau since 1996, recalled a time they went to interview a government minister. The official did not like her questions and accused her of being a “foreign agent” working on behalf of “foreign interests.” As the tense interview neared its conclusion, Ozbilici looked up from his camera and defended her.

“Suzan,” she remembers him saying, “you have to show the esteemed minister some understanding. He is not used to being interviewed by independent journalists who dare ask difficult questions. He is used to taking questions from journalists who are close to the government.”

.. “I believe in the power of photos. I believe the power of the photo will be more powerful than a million words.”