My Brother Kevin’s Not Tired of Winning

I do admire his resiliency against an unrelenting and unfair press. His tweeting is annoying but it can be an effective defense. He has 43.2 million Twitter followers. The New York Times has 3.1 million subscribers.

.. Trump got into office because of Congress’s inability or unwillingness to do its job. The voters were so fed up, they turned to a reality TV star instead of the 20 politicians on the menu.

.. Trump delivered on his promises to shake things up with a slew of executive orders undoing much of Barack Obama’s burdensome regulations and, more important, started to reshape the lower courts decimated by Obama’s appointments.

.. Trump’s presidency is unorthodox, but his blustering against Kim Jong-un is the only way to deal with a bully.

.. My youngest son just received his bill for health care. It came with an annual premium of $8,100. At that price, I think he will continue to vote Republican.

.. I’m not a Bannon fan. But he’s holding Republicans’ feet to the fire, which should be done.

.. Robert Mueller’s investigation: So far, no direct connection with Trump himself on the Russia collusion. But it did find collusion with Hillary and the D.N.C. on the dossier. Luckily, she has several donors on Mueller’s staff ready to offer legal advice.