Hume: Trump Jr.’s Meeting With Russian Lawyer Was a ‘Farce, ‘Almost Laughable’ — Not Collusion

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer had “the element of a farce.”

Hume said, “The meeting probably went nowhere. The whole thing has the element of a farce.”

He continued, “I would be more concerned if the episodes themselves, the meetings turned out to be some substantive meeting in the sense they pointed in the direction that there were some cooperation and collusion going on. So far what we’ve seen doesn’t seem to do that. And it’s not hard for me to imagine people associated with the president’s campaign might have forgotten them. This meeting seems to be eminently forgettable, almost laughable.”

..  but the Kremlin is saying they don’t know anything about it. Putin doesn’t know this woman. You can’t be a prominent lawyer in Moscow without in some way being connected to the Kremlin because the Kremlin is connected to nearly everything in Russia. But that doesn’t make her a Russian agent, certainly doesn’t make her a Russian official as she is being characterized by some of the president’s critics.