What do Brett Kavanaugh’s body language and facial expressions say?

“Grrr. I am entitled to be a SCOTUS and you people better not get in my way!”

So many obvious lies that he thinks Americans are too timid to object to because he is powerful and entitled.

Boofing does not mean farting; it means anal sex. Renate alumnus is not about being the insulted woman’s friend; it is about having had sex with her. When he was a senior he was not a legal drinker as he suggests. Drinking until you threw up was a badge of honor, not a reference to his weak stomach. The other people at the party just don’t remember an event that was not significant to them; they in no way supported him as he claims.

Firing back at the senator questioning him, “Are you an alcoholic.” was not a momentary lapse of judgment but a true picture of the self-entitled rage-aholic he is.

It said that he was very angry – righteous indignation – over the charges that had been leveled at him, not just by Ford, but by Ramirez and Swetnick…..horrible and criminal charges that could put him in prison. I think most folks would be royally pissed – he did a great job containing himself and expressing himself in the light of such charges with essentially no one defending him until Graham spoke…….let’s hope the FBI does not find anything we don’t already know and he will then be voted on by the full Senate – which must happen!

He had the air of entitlement that is obvious to all and it showed he was very angry, who was very nervous. It was very much in contrast with Christine Blasey Ford’s body language. It was also in contrast with any congressional hearing on record. When he was questioned he tended to both evade questions and redefine their terms, something that doesn’t indicate guilt, but is a notable habit. He used a noticable tactic by liars of rephrasing and redefining terms and of not answering direct question. If anything from Dr Ford’s testimony it certainly points to his lack of empathy which was shown through out his entire testimony. His body language certainly highlighted that he was not being honest in his answers but as for the sexual assault I very much he saw it as an attempted rape and more horseplay. What I did find distasteful was the way how some people actually posted a pciture of him and an alleged picture of Dr Ford at the time implying she was too ugly to rape.