Bitcoin Retirments: Hold your own keys with Casa

– Choice now offers members a full range of custody options: from no annual fee, to paid cold storage, to self-secured private keys.


Offering the freedom to choose investments based on personal preferences and risk tolerances is a core tenant of Choice’s mission. To that same end, Choice has unveiled a full spectrum of memberships which offer multiple custody options including: subsidizing your account with bitcoin in motion; having your bitcoin held in cold storage on your behalf; and even holding your own bitcoin private keys.

The latter option of holding your own private keys is a complex process which to date has been opaque and often required hiring professional consultants. To simplify that, Choice’s solution is powered by Casa, the team known for making it easy to hold your own Bitcoin private keys in a secure manner.

“We’re thrilled to work with the Choice team to help people make tax-advantaged investments in Bitcoin while maintaining control of their private keys, something I’ve wanted to do personally for a while now. Choice and Casa are giving people the chance to truly own their retirement savings by holding their own bitcoin keys, which is critical when saving over such a long period of time,” said Nick Neuman, CEO of Casa.