How Woke Davos Billionaires Rigged The Economy | Krystal Kyle & Friends

Krystal and Kyle Kulinski of the Krystal Kyle and Friends podcast talk to journalist Peter Goodman about today’s billionaires who speak in grand terms at Davos forums while rigging the economy

The Ranks of Global Billionaires – Not All Billionaires Are Made Equal

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, Two gentlemen fighting back and forth for the title of world richest man These two individuals seem very very similar, for starters of course they are both billionaires, an elite worldwide club with around 2 and a half thousand members, they are both white, male tech entrepreneurs, from the united states, and even more specifically from Seattle, and even more specifically their primary residence is in Medina a same small town just outside of Seattle. So it looks like these two are pretty similar, but in reality their fortunes couldn’t be more different.