Who is William Barr? Narrated by Jamie Lee (Girl Code & Crashing) | NowThis

Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr, looks like Steve Bannon. Comedian Jamie Lee, from Girl Code and HBO’s Crashing, explains how the Cover-Up General went from protecting Reagan and Bush during the Iran & Iraq scandals to protecting Donald Trump from the Mueller Report, the Russia Investigation and impeachment.
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The Mueller Report and Russia Investigation aren’t the first instances where Barr has redacted information to protect a President.

While serving under President George H.W, Bush, Barr wrote and tried to hide a very controversial legal opinion claiming that the U.S. didn’t need the permission from international governments to send FBI agents to overthrow a foreign leader from power. When asked to hand over this memo, Barr declined and instead handed over a 13-page document that “summarized the conclusions”. However, when Congress was able to obtain the full memo, his summary left out some of the conclusions in the full memo. Barr’s summary omitted some of the most consequential and incendiary conclusions from the actual opinion. Evidently, there was also no justifiable reason for having withheld those parts from Congress of the public.

Needless to say, with a track record like Barr’s, we may not be surprised but we are very skeptical over Barr’s conclusions of the Mueller investigation — his summary of the Mueller Report concluded there was no collusion between Trump and Russia during the 2016 election.

He also helped get six Reagan White House officials pardoned for their roles in the Iran Contras Scandal while arguing for more incarcerations and blaming the Rodney King riots on immigration. Barr also protected Bush and Regan for funneling billions of dollars to Saddam Hussein. Yep.

This is William Barr.