Let’s talk about fear and a tale of two neighborhoods…

I totally understand what you mean, Beau. I taught adult literacy in the jail for years, and one evening, I found my self lost in one of the neighborhoods you describe. One of the guys, said, “Hey! That’s Mizz “D” and she got Lonnie Bear his GRE!” The next thing that I knew, they had my tire changed and me on my way after having a lively conversation, and multiple handshakes. Point is, the gangs usually know who the civilians are, and they certainly know who the good ones are. It turns out, I had actually taught more than one of the men in that gathering. It is so true! What goes around comes around, so I try every day to make one good deed. Just a thought.

What you described of the “gang” is what the Black Panthers did. They were not terrorists, they were young men taking care of their neighbors. Good on you, sir.☝🏾💜

Maybe I’m crazy, but people like that “You loot, we shoot” guy should not have access to firearms.

He’s probably the same type who posts himself in tactical gear with his weapons on facebook and gets a big ol hard-on at the thought of killing a trespasser.

I am going to confess something…. 26 years since 17 years old.. in the (regular army) 88M all the way….not spec ops like you. 4 tours medically retired. I knew there where racist people in the army but it has been nothing like after retirement…. It also seems to me some veterans on YouTube are on the alt right… Finding people like you Beau has been a blessing… You have reminded me that army values are citizens values…

You are the most logical person I’ve ever heard. Don’t run for any kind of politics … they will take your life brother. Just keep making these vids.

“If you need something do not ask a rich man…….ask a poor man”

You’re a stand up guy Beau. I appreciate the fact that your words translate to deeds, and that you set the right kind example for your children. I am proud to have you as one of my country men. Your videos remind me constantly that in spite of the difficulties we are facing as a nation, there is still a strong measure of character in us as a people, and I am hopeful for our future. Fear is among the greatest of destructive forces that we will ever face. While intangible, its affect is most certainly very real, and far reaching. Yet, if we are able to hold onto our center in the face of it, we have the potential to grow beyond our limits. Greatness is absolutely within our reach then. Be well.