Harvard Suspends Men’s Soccer Team for Lewd ‘Scouting Report’ of Female Players

Harvard suspended its top-of-the league men’s soccer team for the rest of the season Thursday after the school’s student paper, The Harvard Crimson, published an article explaining how each year men on the team kept a lewd “scouting report” that rated each freshman from the women’s team based on their attractiveness and sex appeal.

The Harvard Crimson published its article late last month. The men kept their list on a Google document that until recently was publicly available, as well as the group’s full email list. The nine-page document is believed to have been created by the 2012 men’s team, but updated each year by the successive men’s team. The document judged each incoming freshman on the  women’s team by attractiveness, based on a number scale, and designated each woman with a sexual position.

.. The men’s team is currently in first place in the Ivy League.