Matt Gaetz: We have a right to ARMED REBELLION against the GOVERNMENT

Talking about the second amendment during a rally, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz said that people have a right to an armed rebellion against the government.

Matt forgot the word ‘peaceably’ when he was talking about our First Amendment.

2nd amendment means you can bring your AR to a drone fight. Best of luck with that.

“We are the elites”? I thought Republicans hated elitism. They always use the word to defame liberals. The GOP sure has more than its share of crazies.

Victim hood , it’s been used since the beginning of time . Freedom is free it’s in the word . It’s not feedom .

Matt Gaetz: proof that turds can be polished.

The armed rebellion has happened! This is truly wicked! The Lord himself hates those who sow discord, has a lying to tongue 😛, it’s a matter of time! The fall is sure!

This would not have been tolerated back in the 80s. I remember when Republicans had some class and dignity, now I’m ashamed when people find out I’m Republican.