The Generalist vs. The Specialist. What are you?

In fact, I also believe that there is a connection between being an introvert and being really great at something, and extroverts with being good at many things but not really extraordinary in one thing.

.. it is impossible for one person to have all the knowledge and build the building on his own.

.. Architects are at the core of a construction process, they learn to deal with many topics at once and coordinate specialist in order to get the job done.

.. Experienced Architects have a great understanding of the different fields and their processes.

They have a great overview on the bigger picture (the entire building) and know how to bring the different parties together (cooling, heating, water, electricity, etc.).

Yet, architects are not superior at anything. They are just good at building the system and hiring people to build the different components.

.. This article explores the advantage and disadvantages of both types: specialist vs. generalist – to make it easier for you to understand and know what type of entrepreneur you are.

The “Architect” – The generalized Entrepreneur

This type of entrepreneur is similar to the architect: not really good at ONE thing.

.. They basically know a little bit of “everything”. But they lack the ability to focus on one thing to get really good at it because they simply lack the patience because they are interested in learning many things.

.. Once they accomplish one, they move to the next. They hustle and never really rest.

What generalists are very good at:

  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Strategic planning
  • Building systems

The “Bricklayer” – The specialized Entrepreneur

These are the ones that are extremely good at something because curiosity and passion drives them forward. They spent day and night to understand and solve a problem. If they can’t solve it, they can’t sleep until they found a solution. They tend to spend a lot of time in solitude, thinking about problems their solutions. These are actually the people who create real innovation and bring humanity one step forward.

.. What specialists are very good at:

  • finding a niche and owning it
  • problem solving
  • keeping focus
  • optimizing processes

.. What all entrepreneurs have in common:

  • they delegate tasks, that they’re not good at
  • they automate processes to save time
  • they never stop learning
  • they are willing to take risks
  • they know that failing is part of winning
  • and last but not least: they don’t have the employee mindset