Another new auditor – Outstanding job (Perfect)

Springdale Arkansas Police Department
(479) 751-4542


If that cop is hard of hearing, how does he pass the physical requirements to be a cop.


I called BS the second he started with his “I’m hard of hearing”
It’s funny how he was able to hear everything else, thereafter.
Never! EVER trust police.


He’s not hard of hearing, he wanted to have you speak up for his body worn camera hoping you’d incriminate yourself. 🤦


ALL cops have a hearing problem, but more accurately – they ALL have SELECTIVE hearing – they hear what they want to hear!
Amazing how the hard of hearing officer could hear everything the other officer said while he was standing with his back to him.
Love what your doing ! I’m a public official, alderman from a small city in Mo,Lake Annette. And am a former mayor here and former police chief. Knowing the law is the most important thing a citizen can do!Keep up the good work.
It’s embarrassing how ignorant law enforcement is when it comes to the LAW


This is what makes it so hard , I personally would love to be able to trust law enforcement and not have a bad bone in my body towards law enforcement BUT it’s hard when 90%+ of law enforcement don’t know what the fuck they’re doingIf a citizen doesn’t know the law it dont matter they get charged but if a cop doesn’t know the law then that’s ok give em qualified immunity.. and this is the part that drives the wedge.. when you have qualified immunity your more likely to just do as you please and be corrected later with no consequences and that drives the wedge between law enforcement and the people… So until police unions are abolished and qualified immunity is ABOLISHED then just give them he’ll and hold them accountable but never ever give in to them being nice and friendly.. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND.. YOU SEE HOW THIS VIDEO WAS ALL FRIENDLY AND SHIT UNTIL THE CITIZEN MADE IT CLEAR THAT HE WILL NOT GIVE IN TO THEY’RE B.S. !!
One of the things that get my blood boiling is when police refer to citizens as civilians. All police are civilians.
That older cop is gonna curse the shit out of his wife when he gets home if he’s still got a wife and she’ll never know why. Lol.
Once you said “I have my attorney on the phone” — they just KNEW they were wasting their time and the best thing to do was get the hell out of there. You need to go back there in a week or 2 and see if there’s any new signs. It was pretty funny when the cop said “Do you know how much new signs cost?” As if he gives a flying fig about the cost of a sign…
A cop with a hearing problem sounds like a huge PROBLEM to me and a DANGEROUS SITUATION.
“There are CIVILIANS parking here.” “In Arkansas, you can NOT videotape a person that is NOT law enforcement.”
When it’s obvious that he’s not falling for their bs and has his bases covered the cool cop facade drops and they can’t leave fast enough. Great job TKGB.
SNAFU OMG, the lieutenant walks up then when he opens his mouth nothing but lies come out and then the sergeant picks it up and continues with the lies. this is absolutely one of the best examples of a lieutenant and a sergeant tucking their tails and doing the Walk of shame because they realized they were wrong. God forbid they just admit they make a mistake!
They bailed really quick.. Said their BS like they supposed to and you handled it.. Respect to both sides this time.. Great first video..!!
Cops have a problem listening, they will hear you talk, but dont “listen” to you. Its their egos and culture, they are always right and you must submit to their percieved authority.
I’d love to hear what the city’s attorney says about those officers feeling so comfortable about them citing you for being on PUBLIC PROPERTY
Great audit. I got into some minor trouble years ago. I went to city hall and talked to the city attorney without my own attorney and he actually helped me out, reduced the fine and we settled everything right there and then, like an attorney should, we didn’t even have to go to court. Far better experience than with the leo’s of my town.
if that cop is so worried why doesnt he offer to purchase the proper signage so he feels safe

No Qualified Immunity – After Pretextual Traffic Stop (Dash Cam)

Police think they have to search a car because:

  • driver refuses to answer questions about travel plans
  • driver has cameras
  • driver only rolls down windows 1/4 of the way



It’s crazy to me that they think they have a right to know where people are going!


It’s still wild to me that police get to claim qualified immunity, while citizens are told ignorance of the law is not a defense. Police should be held to a higher standard if they are the enforcers of the law.