Why do so many Americans continue to support a president who has been shown to be dishonest and unreliable in every way and at every level?

You might argue that (based on some of his statements) he is racist against Latinos or Arabs. But I have never heard him say or heard of him doing anything racist against black Americans – and yet people on the left act as if he is the most vehemently racist person in the world and every black person should be against him without any evidence to support such a view.

Leftist accuse him of being a “liar” when all I see is a man who speaks (unadvisedly) off-the-cuff without first checking the actual facts. He does not so much knowingly lie as he is just careless with the truth. He is a serial exaggerator, but he believes what he is saying and he has some (flawed) basis for believing what he does. But compare that to Clinton, who knowingly and deliberately lied directly to the voters and under oath in a court of law. I remember leftists defended him at the time because “he didn’t lie about policy, just about a private matter” but they also had no problem with Obama deliberately lying about policy when he told us we could keep our doctors. I do not mean to play a game of “what about,” but every time I hear a leftist talk about how dishonest Trump is, I cannot help but think of these sorts of things.

Continuing with the theme of “dishonest and unreliable,” we need to consider his record on campaign promises in relation to others. I have seen some respond by mocking him and his supporters for making a big deal about him just doing what any politician should do. These people must be too young to know how truly rare this is. Most Republicans have been voting for decades for politicians who say just what we want to hear, but then when they get elected never actually follow through on what they promised – in fact, they don’t even seem to try. How refreshing for us to actually watch a man not only follow through but be so obviously, desperately trying to accomplish everything he told us he would. How is that in any way “unreliable?” I loved GWB, but when he nominated Harriet Miers to the Supreme court that was unreliable.

Taking this one step further, I (as a responsible Republican voter) need to consider what would likely have happened if the Democrat had been elected instead. Would we have so many quality conservative judges and justices nominated and confirmed to the courts? Not a chance. Would we be fighting over a wall, or over amnesty for 12 million illegals? Would we have pulled out of the ridiculous Iran deal or the equally ridiculous Paris Accords, or doubled down on both? Would we have higher or lower taxes? Would we have more regulations or fewer? On issue after issue (that I care about), we are better off today than we would have been.

In no way do I believe that “Trump is the best president ever,” or anything silly like that. The man has many flaws and makes me cringe with many of the things he says. I still wish I had a better choice at the time. But given the options, and given the outcomes so far, I have no regrets about my choice. That and the terrible behavior of the Democrats for the last two years is why I still support the President.

“Debating the Trump Presidency” with Charles Kesler and Jonah Goldberg

“Debating the Trump Presidency” with

Public debate took place on October 12, 2018, at the University of Notre Dame.

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Clueless Versus Trump

Apple will not be the only multinational that will soon bring back gigantic profits to take advantage of new low repatriation rates. Microsoft holds $146 billion in overseas earnings, Pfizer $178 billion, General Electric $82 billion, Alphabet $78 billion, and Cisco $71 billion, according to estimates from the Zion Research Group. The total stash is about $3 trillion — by one measure nearly three times what it was just a decade ago.

.. the damage their hubris does to the anti-Trump case.

.. But how can the critics who previously assured us that Trump’s election would cause certain calamity now explain that he’s nothing but a lucky bystander to forces beyond his control?
.. The truth is that it’s hard to account exactly for why the economy does well or poorly from one year to the next. But it’s also true that the president has been nothing if not aggressive in his efforts to remove regulations, cut taxes and promote American business (not least his own), and animal spirits on Wall Street have responded accordingly.
.. Democrats are placing a large bet that it’s a political showdown they can win. But what they are mainly doing is wrecking their chances of retaking the House or Senate by appearing to put the interests of DACA’s immigrant “Dreamers” ahead of the rest of America.
.. Donald Trump is a profoundly defective person who nearly every morning does grave political self-harm with no assistance from his opponents. But he is also president, and normal Americans — that is, those who hold the outcome of the next election in their hands — do not want him to fail
.. Wouldn’t it be smart of all of Trump’s opponents to show they are superior to him in the former? And wouldn’t a good way of doing that be to abjure the latter, even if it sometimes means giving him some credit?