Is The US Economy DOOMED? | Warren Buffet Explains

August 30th, 2021. As we move along into the final quarter, we draw closer to ending one of the craziest years of our lives. The events that have transpired in the past 18 months have shaken the entire world, pushing it to adapt and change in ways never before thought possible. Many are now calling this pandemic environment the new normal. So much uncertainty lies ahead, but as we move forward we begin to ignore the biggest problem facing our generation. The ticking time bomb that is the US economy. Throughout YouTube, you will find thousands of videos about upcoming market crashes, fears, and possible sources of a meltdown. But the underlying issues holding up this unstable house of cards, are very simple to understand, cutting through the complex jargon, the graphs, and BS is what this video is about. Why are so many people convinced that the downfall of America is imminent and our golden age of prosperity and world dominance is coming to a sad end? In this video, we explain with 3 chapters. Begin with #1, Greed.