What is the alpha male look?

It’s hard to describe. Sometimes the most alpha man in a room is someone you would have labeled the least likely candidate before. Maybe he’s… short. Only 5′7″ and not particularly well-built. Maybe he’s… not traditionally masculine, and maybe he once pranced around in high heels and tight leather pants on national TV.

Maybe he’s a joker. And a comedian. Someone people like to laugh at, and laugh with. Maybe his approval ratings are low and dwindling. And he’s the shortest guy in the room, in most rooms, and with most crowds. You never look at him twice. He largely goes unnoticed, and if he is noticed, it’s not necessarily in a good way.

And then that little guy, when all hell breaks loose and many implore him to flee… stays. And risks death. And turns out to have the biggest balls. Isn’t that funny? You don’t know, what an alpha male looks like. Not until he’s in a life-or-death situation. That’s when he shows you the material from which he’s built. When push comes to shove. When it’s sink, or swim. Do or die.

That’s when he rallies his people, rallies his troops, and shows that looks are deceiving. The jokes come to an end. The laughter is no more. The funny little guy isn’t so funny anymore… he carries a nation on his shoulders now. I’m glad he’s still alive today.